Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday morning

Today the temperature was perfect but it was overcast.  We got a ride to school from our host mother because we went to the laundry mat to get our clothes washed.  The kids got on buses to get to school a few were a little late but not their fault..

The laundry mat is not like in the US. It's more like a low cost dry cleaner, when we pick up our bags of clothes tomorrow, our clothes will be perfectly washed, pressed, and folded. This is one of my favorite things about Latin America.

While the kids were in class Mr Swann and I made our daily run to Western Union.  Dr Malik & Ms Stiggers held it down at the school. A few boys say that the diarrhea is starting but it's not too bad for now.  I'm keeping an eye on them so no worries.  They are all well, here's a lil video of them leaving classes to head home. 

But before leaving leaving one of their teachers sang a song for the class and demonstrated his singing skills... Pure talent! 

The host mothers had a secret meeting today... I'm not opening my big mouth to tell you what it was about but it's a good thing. These ladies are a force of loving ladies who are spoiling the kids with food, love, and affection.  I appreciate the network here who've welcomed us into their homes, classes, and lives with loving open arms. 

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