Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Consulate general, Games, and hot cakes

After lunch our host moms dropped us off at the US consulate general so we could have a briefing with the diplomats who serve our country.  We had 3 Foreign Service Officers talk to our group about their work.  Some help Mexicans get visa to visit, work, or live in the US.  Some dilopmats help Americans abroad get medical attention, legal services, and much more.  Some diplomats work in security, some organize and make sure the consulate is well stocked and staffed.  They were recruiting our boys to join them in their diplomatic mission, I would love to see that happen!  Unfortunately we can't tak pictures there but my contact took pictures that she says she'll mail to me. 

After the briefing, our bus was outside waiting for us and they immediately took us to volunteer. 

Today we started volunteering off with board games, it was awesome!

Aaaaaand a video:

After board games we made hot cakes for the kids!!! We had sooo much fun.  Dr Malik organized our BEST Boys and we had the best hotcakes and jam ever!


Our volunteering didnt end until about 9pm but no one cared we were having so much fun.  

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