Monday, April 4, 2016

Broken ankle

As soon as we arrived to the community center for our volunteer service, the boys happily jumped out of the van and started tossing around the football.  Within the first five minutes, we heard screaming, one of the boys jumped to catch the ball and came down wrong on his ankle.  His ankle was broken.  Immediately Ms Stiggers was down on the ground with him holding his hand... This is why I call her "BossLady", Dr Malik was directing people to get his leg elevated, Mr Swann was moving people from around him, our bus driver called an ambulance, Jose Luis came out of nowhere and started helping elevate the ankle, the police patrol was on the scene right away... Everyone went into motion and to be honest I was just kind of stunned... unsure of what to do exactly.  Thank goodness for the other chaperones. Eventually the ambulance came, I translated for everyone. Then hopped in the ambulance with the student.  I asked Dr Malik and Mr Swann to stay with the students.  BossLady and Jose Luis followed us in his car.  

Although it took hours to get his xrays done, the surgeon arrived relatively quickly, and he will operate tomorrow at 2pm.  He immediately twisted his foot back into place and wrapped it up.  That instantly made me feel better.  The whole time I was in contact with his parents.  

Dr Malik and Mr Swann made sure all the kids got home for dinner.  Later on Mr Blackmon and Mr Swann came to the hospital to bring the students' belongings.  Right now I'm on the couch in the students hospital room, Mr Swann is in the lazy boy next to him.  His operation will be tomorrow at 2pm.  

The other 3 chaperones will take care of the kids in the morning.  Then ms Stiggers will come here with me for the operation.  We still have a surprise for the students at 3 so we will all move around to be present for everyone. 

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  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear this news! I hope that he is healing up good, and feeling much better. Sounds like everyone was incredible in handling the emergency!