Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ms Culbreth's sad goodbye, Day Lights savings time, and winter weather

Last night was a bittersweet time for us.  Ms Culbreth's time here in Mexico came to an end.  So last night around midnight she returned to Cancun by bus to catch her flight back to the US.  Having her here was such a pleasure.  She brought so much value to our trip with her wisdom, compassion, resourcefulness, knowledge, patience, wonderdul conversation, and great personality.  This list can go on and on.  She is going to be deeply missed and that makes us sad, but we are happy to have had her while we did and will cherish the memories that we've created with her over this last week.  Thank you Ms Culbreth, you are awesome and welcomed to help chaperone my trips in the future.  We love yooooooou!!!!

Last night was Mexico's Day Lights Savings Time.   At 2am all the clock were moved up an hour like our "doing forward" tradition.  We've all lost an hour of sleep.  We all may be a little sleepy today... We they probably will be... Not me *wink*.  I've been running them ragged, like they need to be to keep themselves out of trouble.  One of the chaperones (Mr Swann!) has accused me of being a slave driver, Because I "allegedly" don't give the kids enough down time.  I'm only trying to maximize limited time here, and each year they come back for more, so I must be doing something right. 😇

Another morning change is that it's only 72° here right now.  To you all that probably sounds pleasant but for me (I can't speak for everyone on this just yet) it feels cold. Our bodies have adjusted to deal with a week of 100°+ weather. So to from filthy hot to spring cool feels like winter.  I hope the sun comes out ASAP.  I hear that's what makes the underground cenotes so beautiful.

I'll update the blog later on with lots of pix and fun stories.  Thanks for keeping up with our journey!!! 

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