Sunday, April 3, 2016

Los Cenotes de Cuzama

You have never witnessed such a quiet bus ride with BEST Boys on it.  The Mexican Day Lights Savings time had us whooped.  Imagine we went thru the US DST earlier this month and had the nerve to have to go through a second one... Smh.  Anyway we all slept most of the 40 minute ride... Everyone except Immanuel who happily bounced all to his music with a huge smile on his face!  

When we got to the cenotes it was obvious that the adventure was about to begin.  First we had to get on horse drawn wooden train carts... Yea that doesn't make any sense, so here is a picture.

Then after that we got on 6 person dirt bike carts... Yea that doesn't make sense either so good thing I have pictures.

Then after about 3 miles of the dirt IKR carts we went back to horse drawn train carts.   The experience of getting to the cenotes was thrilling and different than anything we've experienced.  Good thing I have a video!!! Yey me! 

Transportation to the Cenotes of Cuzama

Cart drivers lounging in hammocks at the different rest stops. 

This journey took is about and hours according to the guides this trail and system has been used for 200 years and they maintain it to conserve nature and to  protect the area. Once we were done with all the traveling we had a short walk to the first of 3 Cenotes. The first one blew our minds it was soooo beautiful, just unreal.

Cenotes are underground water holes.  That were created when the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs hit this very area.   The upheaval of rock and earth created a next work of subterranean waterholes that are breathtakingly beautiful.  We spent the next few hours climbing up and down and around the caves that surround the Cenotes.  We had life vests on in case anyone fell in and of course local professional guides and our director from Ecora Language Institute.  Unfortunately we didn't get many pictures or videos because we're trying to be careful for our own safety and dropping a phone anywhere in those caves or in the water look like something that would definitely happen. 

I only have a brief video of right before we entered the caves, I really wish I had much more.  Jose Luis wife took some video and pictures from outside the caves so maybe I can get a hold of those and share them with you tomorrow.

After the Cenotes we took the same means of transportation back with the added drama of two fighting horses. I mean these horses were standing on their hind legs, neighing, and boxing!!! I was scary!!  The guides say that those two horses hate each other and often get physical seeing this in person and not in a movie is definitely not something we see in our daily lives in Bankhead. 

This is the crazed horse galloping behind us, trying catch up with, and fight the horse that was pulling our cart.  We were literally stuck between two crazy horses.  Me, Rashad, Omar, Jordan and Immanuel. Desiree to run for our lives as soon as we got to the next stop in case the horses went at it again. It's all funny now that it's over... Whew! 

Once we got back to the bus we were ready to rest and relax a little.



  1. The cenotes look so incredible! Even though it was a trek to get there, it looks totally worth it!

    -Courtney and FLYTE