Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy birthday Omar, Marcus, & Jordan

Before we arrived to Mexico we planned to celebrate Omar's birthday today.  Since two of our boys, Marcus & Jordan, had birthday's the day before we left for Mexico we also celebrated their precious lives.  Our network of host mother's planned the details and boy did we have a good time.  We danced, busted a piñata, played musical chairs, eat, sang, and we had the best time ever.  Here are some pix.  

The piñata

Musical chairs

Love them to pieces

Happy birthdayOmar

Happy birthday Marcus!

Happy birthday Jordan!

Here are pix of the boys and their host moms!

DAB! Host mom is dabbin' on 'em!!

Mr Blackmon & Mr Swann's host dad 
(Mr Swann was still at the hospital with our patient) 

Our hospitalized traveler is missing from this pic

Female chaperones host mom.  We miss you and Culbreth!!!

Host mom to the seniors (12th graders)

Host mom and grandma with the boys!

The videos that I have are amazing, but I need wifi to upload them, and there isn't wifi at the hospital.  Our patient's surgery went very well.  He has a metal plate and 7 screws in his ankle, he will be on crutches, and will be discharged tomorrow at 11am. 

I'll get the videos up tomorrow.  I promise they won't disappoint!! 


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  1. Happy birthday Omar, Marcus, and Jordan!

    Ooh- 7 screws?! Glad to hear the surgery went well, and that he was able to go home. Hopefully he's healing up!