Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Morning class and off to surgery

Last night Mr Swann and I spent the night at with our hospital patient.  At about 9am I left them to shower, change clothes, and eat.  

After that I ran over to the school to make sure the boys were ok and just to show my face.  Dr Malik, Ms Stiggers, and Mr Blackmon were holding it down at the school so I just gave all the boys hugs and returned to the hospital.  

Open air hospital pic from last night

Patient being wheeled into his room



When they took our boy away for surgery it was about 3pm and he was in great spirits.  He even made a little video for his parents reassuring us that he'd be just fine. 

ms Stiggers even showed up to the hospital room with 3 of the boys to show their support. 

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