Saturday, April 2, 2016

An amazing day at Dzibilchaltun

Dzibilchaltun is on of the Mayan ruin complexes outside of Mérida, Mexico.  It was beyond blazing hot and beyond freaking amazing.  

The bus picked us up from the school and we had a 30 minute drive to get there.  The bus had plenty of room, so we just chilled out and relaxed listening to music and talking during the ride.  Jose Luis and his son joined us. 

Here are some videos of the tour: 

Entering Dzibilchaltun pt 1

Dzibilchaltun pt 2

Dzibilchaltun pt 3

We had soooo much fun!!! It was just so incredible to see what ancient civilizations did thousands of years ago.  The Mayans observed the movements of the entire universe and build sundials and observatories all over the place their whole culture was built around how energy flowed through the universe and how it effected heir daily lives.  

After all the amazing pyramids and stadiums we saw THIS!!!

These are cenotes.  They are fresh water swim holes and we will see 3 underground tomorrow. My next post will show you what we did after Dzibilchaltun.

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