Friday, April 1, 2016

The amazing game Pok Ta Pok

We all (minus the 3 boys on lock down) arrived at el centro historico at 7pm.  The game didn't start until 8 so we had an hour to walk around, get ice-cream, and hang out.  

Before leaving the house I let our 3 locked down boys know that their ticket to freedom was to give up their leader... Meaning the person who started their sentence with "Let's _____" NOT the two who said "OK".  I talked to their host mother and she was extremely sad because they were so pitiful "just sitting in the hot house with nothing to do but play the same card games over and over."  I reassured her that a night of boredom and sadness would help them grow as young men and there was no need to worry.  

The rest of the boys were even more thoughtful about following instructions and checking in... That's all I ask.  The show was amazing.  If you are not familiar with the ancient Mayan Ball Game (called Pok Ta Pok) here is a link with some info. 

Basically two teams had to get a ball through a hoop... but the hoop was made of cement and positioned 20 feet off the ground, the ball was made of 6lbs of hard bouncy rubber, and the players couldn't touch the ball with their hands or feet.  They mostly used their hips, calves, and forearms to hit the ball back and forth.  It looks as impossible as it sounds here are some pix. 

Here are some videos!!! 

The game explained in Spanish, English, & Mayan.

Presenting the teams:

The game!!!

After that they played a variation of the game where they had to get the ball through the hoop using ONLY their hands... But this time the ball was on FIRE!! You gotta see this!!! 

After the game the audience could take pix with the players

After taking picture we hung out at the park talking and joking.  By then the hot lonely locked down boys called and apologized, named their leader, and texted apologies.  They missed a night's fun and can join us tomorrow but they will have earn special unwanted attention from me and the other chaperones. 

One of our students stunned his toe badly, his host mom patched it up, while visiting the ruins tomorrow we will be sure to have him stick his foot in the nearby beach to help heal his minor wound.  His mom has been notified (sorry for the late text, mom!) tomorrow will be a full day of ruins, cenotes, and a pass by the beach. After that it's a night at the movies.  

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  1. That game looks incredible! How fun that you were able to meet the players afterwards!

    -Courtney and FLYTE