Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Antigua City tour

After classes we went to our host families for lunch then we met up at the school again for a city tour.  Unfortunately Dr Malik is not feeling well at all, but luckily her loving host family is using natural herbs to help her feel better. 

Our first stop on the tour was the jade factory.  If was ah-may-zing!!!  And not because of the jade but because of learning about the history of jade in Guatemala.  We learned more about the Mayan's advanced civilization, calendar, and practices surrounding jade than we expected.   Unfortunately all the boys are out of money and couldn't buy anything at the pricey Jade factory.  Sorry moms!

Here's a short video that summarizes our tour.  

After the Jade factory we went to the Santo Domingo Hotel to look at their museum, garden, and parrots. Our last stop was at Cerro de La Cruz.  This is a hill that overlooks the city of Antigua and seems to look volcano agua right in the eyes.  The view was captivating and we spent a long time up there talking and taking pictures.

After the view the boys were ready for basketball.  No surprise there,  at the court they met new friends from Denmark and played a good game with Canadian friends from the school.

Right now (8:30pm) we are at the school.  Together as a group we will go to a festival (velacion) at a nearby cathedral. 
Ms. Venisee has also just fallen ill.  Both teachers are vomiting, weak, and nauseous.  There may be a flu or bug going around Amadou Dem was vomiting yesterday.  I hope they feel better soon <3



  1. Omg tell my best family i love them and get better asap 3 more days and USA HERE YALL COME,

  2. Feel better my Superheros we want you well coming back peace and love pray Ing for u guys i