Thursday, April 3, 2014

Meeting students from Colegio Boston

As part of our morning Spanish classes we visited our penpals at Colegio Boston.  While there we received a warm greeting from the high school English department chair Mr Downes.  He gave us a tour of the middle school and high school and we had a chance to meet students from both.  Our interaction was very much how we do un Spanish class at BEST, introduce yourself to someone talk for a five minutes than switch to a new conversation partner.  This way all students had a way to meet each other without so much pressure.  During their conversations they talked about everything.  Once the convo went to music, it then went to dances and they started to show each other how to merengue and nae-nae.  

They exchanged FaceBook and Instagram contact info.  Mr Downes was so pleased with our boys and their interaction that we will attempt another get together next week and we talked about a possible student exchange.  Dr. Jones I hope you are reading this as a heads up for a future student exchange program.  Enjoy the video!

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