Friday, April 11, 2014

Lago atitlan pix

We began our morning with an 8am breakfast at our hotel kaqchiquel in the town of panajachal, that also borders Lago atitlan.  The hotel breakfast prices were pretty good at Q25- Q30.  After eating we went to meet our tour guide Arturo.  The tour consisted of visiting 3 towns that border Lago atitlan.  San Marcos, San Juan, and San Pedro.   Our first stop at San Marcos was like a visiting a sleepy Caribbean island.  There were many expats there and many yoga retreats.   While there we saw the towns main church and got to watch some of a 7 and under soccer game. 

Next stop was the town of San Juan.  I didn't take many pictures here but I got amazing video footage.  We had a live demonstration on how the Mayan women weave their beautiful clothes and textiles.  They grow their own cotton then spool their own thread, dye the thread and weave their clothes.  They do it the same way they've done it for thousands of years.  I'm sure you'll love the video when I'm able to edit and post it.  In San Juan we also learned about the medicinal herbs they use in the Mayan culture.  That is also a great video. 

Lastly we went to San Pedro.  San Pedro was bigger than the other towns and had a population of about 20,000.  We walked around a bit but didn't stay long. 

Once back at Panajachel  we walked, put our feet in the lake, and had lunch.  It's now 5:30 Guatemala time and we are headed back to Antigua for our farewell party.  Even though we aren't leaving until Sunday our farewell party will be tonight. Tomorrow will be their last class and in the evening we will help prepare the carpets for Sundaýs procession.  
I will post videos tonight as soon as I get a chance. 

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