Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Volcano Pacaya (pix & video)

We all had early breakfasts and met up at the school at 7:30am.  The drive to Pacaya Volcano took about 40 minutes and when we got there the climb was long and grueling.  We climbed a steep incline for over an hour.  Some had to give in and rent horses on the way up.  
No matter how hard it was though we all agreed it was worth it.  Breath-takingly beautiful!! 

The volcano is active and we could feel the heat coming off of it.  It was so hot in fact that you could roast marshmallows.  So that is exactly what we did!  

Here are some video clips of the climb, us climbing over hot volcanic rocks and roasting marshmallows.  What an amazing experience we had today!!!

Currently we are at the school and the kids will be in class until 6pm at 8 we will come back here and learn about Mayan ceremonies.

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  1. Nature is god's cavans such abstract beauty that u guys are blessed to see