Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tuk-tuk ride with Amadou Dem

Right after getting his face painted Amadou Dem started to look sick.  By the time we got to the stadium he looked pale and weak and asked tongonhome to rest.  He had a stomach and head ache.  Since he didn't look like he'd be able to take the 25 minute walk back I hired a tuk-tuk to take us to his host family.  

I talked to his host mom while he went straight to bed they the drive Ivan zoomed me back to the stadium to join the other students and chaperones.  Her is a short video of that very bumpy ride. 


  1. I hope my other son from BEST is ok hope he feels better. I know you guys are having a great time. This is just one more fun moment of many to come.
    Mrs Stiggers

  2. Amadou Dem I hope ur feeling better soon I hope the bumpie ride didn't make u sicker.