Sunday, April 13, 2014

At the airport

We are all checked in, we've passed through Guatemalan exit immigration and we will be in the air shortly.  As part of tradition I got us all Giatemala bracelets.  Just like the travel experiences we share we are the only ones who will have these bracelets.  

Just to recap here is a list of the things we've done:

-Spanish classes
- volunteering
- living with host families
- hiking 
- Pacaya volcano
- visit to Colegio Boston
- visit to US embassy
- Lago atitlan 
Salsa dance classes
- traditions of Guatemala
- Mayan ceremonies 
- uses of corn in Guatemala
- meeting new friends from all over the world  
- catholic processions & carpet making
-international exchange rates. 

If you look at this list above you will see that we learned across the curriculum.  Every subject these men are taught in the classroom came to life here in Guatemala.  

So the only thing there is left to do is ask, where are we going next year?!

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