Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mayan cleansing ceremony

Last night's Mayan cleansing ceremony was like an awkward scene from a movie.  In Mayan tradition in order to purify and bless a a person you must be taken through a few steps.
 1. You must stand with you arms out surrounded by lit candles
2.  You must smoke a cigar 
3.  The holy man must take a bushel of a certain plant that is sprinkled with holy oil.  He will then beat you with that plant all over your head and body
4.  The holy man will then fill his mouth with alcohol and spit it all over your back. 

I've seen a similar cleansing ceremony with the Quechua of Ecuador.  Our young men found this quite hilarious and enjoyed watching other or participating in the ceremony (without the smoking the cigar).

Here's a video of me getting cleansed... And yes the man behind me really did spit all over me!


  1. Dont cme back home talkimg about your back itching lol lol lol love u all.