Thursday, April 10, 2014

Diplomatic conversations

The US Embassy visit turned out to be quite a treat.  We had a chance to sit down and talk with two foreign service officers, who happened to be married.  As always with the US embassy we were not able to bring in phones or cameras so unfortunately I don't have pictures or videos. 

The boys asked great questions and seemed genuinely interested in hearing about different ways in which people can serve our country.  The diplomats were happy to receive us, especially since they don't get many high school groups visiting from home.
Everything we discussed was "off the record" and "confidential" so I cannot go into detail about what was discussed and disclosed to the boys.  Just trust me that it was all valuable information!  After our briefing today I'm convinced that we have several future diplomats/ world leaders in our group.  Good job boys! ❤️👏

We are currently (5:39pm Guatemala time) in the van with our driver Alan heading to Lago Atitlan.  We should be there in about 2 hrs. 

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  1. Our future the next generation to open doors and lead the world in a positve and bright future Go Best Academy Boys !!!!!!!