Friday, April 4, 2014

Internet problems, movie night, and breaking the rules

Last night was movie night at the school. They set up a huge screen and a projector so we could watch "El mayordromo" the butler.  Everything was going just fine until the expected teenage stupidity kicked in with 3 of our students. To make a long story short they broke one of my golden rules and are being punished for it.  If you were not contacted last night, you can rest assured that your child was not one of the 3 stooges.  
City wide there has been internet problems that seem to be currently resolved.  Classes went very smoothly today.  Afterward, we were able to buy postcards and drop them off at the post office.  

After a super rushed lunch, we headed to our volunteer sight for our "hike".  That hike turned until very difficult, yet team building trek and climb through the beautiful woods on the hillside.  We saw waterfalls, beautiful rock formations, and plants we've never seen before.  It was a difficult hike, but a great accomplishment for us all. 

Our hiking guide showing us an 80 yr old well in the woods. 

Group pic

An usie at the top of a climb

Started from the bottom... Now we're here!!

Prissy girls can be tough too.  No other chaperones can do what they do!  

After our hike we ate cantelope icies and retuned to the school to talk about Tikal preparation and packing.  Our bus leaves for Tikal at 9pm and we will arrive there in the early morning.  Everyone says it's magical!  I look forward when we can say the same.  

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