Sunday, April 13, 2014

On our way home- 11:36pm arrival

Today is the day to say our final goodbyes to all the good people we've met.  Just as a reminder our flights gets in at 11:36PM tonight.  Our layover is in Ft Lauderdale.  There we will pass through immigration and customs, so the  boys still have more things to learn before getting home.  
At Spanish school Sevilla they are preparing the carpet this morning.  The staff there promised to send me pictures of the final product. Ctheybwill not finish until 5pm and the procession will come by at 6pm.  The carpet will be destroyed in less than 10 minutes.  Many ask why one would spend so much time and money in something that will for such a short period of time?  As a religious practice they are "rolling out the carpet" for Jesus, the king.  For them it is worth every penny (quetzal) and every minute.  No other city does this like Antigua. It's a very important part if their cultural identity and beliefs, and that is worth more than time and money! 

Here are a few pix of how far they've gotten with the carpet. 

Later they will use the stencils to add the colored sand and sawdust.  Each year the designs are different. 

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