Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tikal video part 3

On Guatemala there seems to be an infinite number of rolling hills that strangely have cone shaped pointed tops.  According to our guide, Antonio, under each and every one lays an uncovered pyramid.  They have kept their form but they are covered in thick grass and in some cases bushes and trees, their pyramids shapes, however, are deniable.   Approximately 1,800 uncovered pyramids are in Guatemala.  1,800?!?!?! Just looking at the hills you can see the pyramids underneath, in some areas they reach as far as the eye can see, too numerous to count.  

Here is our last video filmed at Tikal.  The boys asked fantastic questions and were geniuinuely interested.  Each and every parent reading this please give yourself a pat on the back for the jobs you've done in raising such a fine young man. 

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