Sunday, April 6, 2014


It's a good thing that we were forced to stay in Antigua today and not have our excursion to Pacaya Volcano.  We spent the whole day hanging out together.   We had a great time laughing, teasing each other, playing cards in the park, people watching, looking at all the "alfombras".  Just like the local people in Antigua we were able to do this for hours, all day as a matter of fact.  
In Latino culture Sunday is family day, we fit right in because at this point we are all family.  There is definitely serious bonding that occurs when traveling like this.  We all feel such a great responsibility for each other and so far have been through and seen things with each other that no one else will understand.  My BEST travel family! 
At about 5:30 we ended up at the basketball court, having to leave when it started raining.  Now we are all at my host family's house.  The boys are playing cards and using my host's wifi. 

In a few minutes (9pm) I will walk everyone home for the night.  Tomorrow we will begin again with classes and volunteering our evening gathering is about Mayan ceremonies. 

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  1. what a awesome bonding u all will have and after with each other yes we will never understand because u all have seen such beautiful creations and people of Antigua