Sunday, April 6, 2014

Use your head & family day videos

Everywhere we turn there is a Mayan woman carrying something on her head. Usually people associate this means of transporting goods with Africans but it is also the norm amongst the indigenous of our hemisphere.  Here's a short video of what we see so often.

Here is another short video of our Sunday dia de familia (family day) around town.  You will see the beautiful "alfombras" (carpets) being made, us walking around, the crowds, playing cards in the park, some of the boys talking (JUST TALKING) to pretty girls, and another huge procession.  During the procession you will see smoke that is sage incent being burned.  Ms Venisee so eloquently describes this all as a spiritual mardi gras! 

Right now the students are in class (it's Monday morning) and I'm about to go to the bank to change money.  Most of the kids have also dropped their laundry off at the lavaderia and will have clean clothes by noon. 

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