Monday, April 7, 2014

Rainy Monday & and a new host family

This morning was rainy and chilly.  While the kids were in class I was updating the blog and working to make sure daily needs were taken care of.  I went to the bank to exchange more dollars to Quetzales, stopped by the post office, grocery store, and what feels like a hundred other things.  When I got back to the school Carlos (the school director) had taken the boys and ms Venisee to pick up colored sand for an alfombras that we will help make this Saturday.  We agreed that the boys would be great at helping lift the 50 100lbs bags of sand.  Even though they complained about the lifting they effortlessly lifted and carried each bag.  We all stand at least 6 inches taller than everyone here so their muscle power and strength is appreciated by all they help. 

During lunch Amadou Bah and Amadou Dem were moved to a new host family.  After numerous request their host mother still refused to serve them meat and they didn't like the dogs in the house either.  They had lunch with their new host mother and were thrilled to have so much good food.  Even though we will miss their hilarious stories about their first host family we are all happy for them. 

After lunch we went back to volunteer at Hermano Pedro.  This time we came with  4 decks of playing cards.  We mostly played I Declare War with the kids teaching them their numbers in English while playing.  Lotus was so happy to teach 3 little girls how to count from 1-10.  Really cute!  This may be our last day with them.  Tomorrow we will not volunteer instead we will go to Volcano Pacaya in the morning and have Spanish classes in the afternoon.  On Wednesday we will volunteer at a new site.  A public school that has hundreds of kids for us to meet, tutor, and spend time with. 
Right now we are at the basketball court. We leave here around 6:15 our time for dinner then meet up at the school at 8pm for another presentation from the school, tonight's theme is "tradiciones of Guatemala"

In the van leaving Hermano Pedro

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