Saturday, April 12, 2014

Classes and procession prep

After classes today the boys got together to help prepare for the procession carpets.  The preparation consisted of them shifting the sawdust and sand to separate the large chunks from the finer particles.   Later they added water and dye to each pile to give it it's bright colors.  Their hands were dyed all different colors but it definitely looked like a lot of fun.  I'm excited to see them start with the carpet tomorrow even though they won't be able to finish it.  

After carpet preparations we went to Antigua's famous arch to take yet another group picture.  After the pic it was lunchtime.   Before we knew it we were back at the school on our way to the basketball court so the joys could work off some of their energy.  They met new friends at the court.  Then after hours of playing it was time for dinner.

I can't tell some of the boys are sad that we have to leave tomorrow.  Some are asking for another week.   What I am hoping to do, however, is set up and exchange program with Colegio Boston. For the exchange we can send students to Colegio Boston in June and they can send us students in November.  Now does that sound parents? Let me know. 

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